Building Wealth Through Property Investing Event

In partnership with EK Property Group, C J Investiment are holding an event on Tuesday 25 September 6.30-8pm at Sage Wollongong hotel, NSW.


If you are looking to break those barriers  and become financially free, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

You will learn;

  • See how investing in property can help pay your home off in half the time.
  • How much does an investment property actually cost to hold.
  • Properties which are $100k under market value.
  • Identifying tax reduction strategies you can take advantage of.


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Author: Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

As a result of my exceptional entrepreneurial efforts, I am one of the founding members and mentor at Layers of Leadership, an exclusive rank of Home Business Professionals. We assist and mentor entrepreneurs who are facing challenges in their home business(s). The knowledge, skills and failures I have learned throughout my entrepreneurial career for the past 10 years,makes me a strong believer that anyone can succeed as long as one is teachable and implement what you learn. So if you want help,do not hesitate to contact me!