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Discover How You Can Easily Benefit in 7.7 Trillion Property Market In Australia

Recently, DG Institute held a webinar on the new trend in the real estate industry, 2018.

As you may know, the government gets its revenue from the property driven economy.

The more people build houses, the more they  pay taxes  to the government and interests to the banks.

One would argue that the housing market has not been doing well over the last 5 years.

Data shows that there is much activity going on in this $7.7 Trillion real estate industry and this has been driven by many factors:

  • Job creation in WA(9.8% job will be created in the mines)
  • Population growth  in WA creating demand in most of the satellite  surbarbs
  • Migration growth, many people are migrating to areas where houses are more affordable and where they can find jobs.

This is good news for property investors especially here in WA.

If you want to learn more, with permission from DG Institute you can listen to the recorded webinar by clicking on this link 

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